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Friday, October 1, 2021


bflist#1441. ZENDAYA (living) Bands assoc./w: actress and singer. Real Name: Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.  Religious Beliefs: unknown, but believes in prayer and is Spiritual. 

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zaitzeff said...

Zendaya was raised in a family in which the father reportedly took a name or wanted to go back more to his African roots. While that might have been a factor leading against Zendaya being Christian or religious in the modern sense, Zendaya on twitter has repeatedly prayed for people and causes in a Christian or godly way. Zendaya has prayed or requested prayer for peace, and also, she has prayed for trolls and abusive folk who were abusing her, her parents or others.

She prayed not for their destruction or harm, but that they get some sense and see rightly, while she corrected the mean spirited actions and words of the trolls. Where I am from, there are significant numbers of professing Christians who are not sufficiently spiritually mature to pray for their enemies or persecutors, at least, not before they have been reminded of the verses from Jesus or Paul on the topic and given a good example of praying!

Therefore, by her actions, I make the guess that Zendaya is simply a Christian whose faith is not declared publicly, in the same way we might guess that of Sabrina Carpenter, whose songs and performance are a mixture of sex appeal, godly joy and a song about repentance or new life. The other star known for praying for her trolls or enemies in a positive, encouraging way, but one who lacks known Christian faith, would be Ariana Grande, raised Catholic but now influenced by Kabbalah!