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bflist#597. HONEYSUCKLE WEEKS (living) Bands assoc./w: actress. Real Name: Honeysuckle Susan Weeks. Religious Beliefs: unknown.


Kellyannk308 said...

Hey I hear something look like she was having anxisty problems

She disappear aka Sinead O'Conner I do remember her on Foyle war that how old school I am

Joshua Brunken said...

she was. She was found alive and well recently. I think being on a British show can make some have anxiety and stress issues, cause the Brits when it comes to their dramas give 150 percent and more in their storylines and acting.

Kellyannk308 said...

Yeah maybe I know she was on Foyle War she is on recently episode of one of Brit shows I know that

Yeah they give 150 percent on acting compare to my American actors this side of the pond