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181. BARRY GIBB (living). Bands assoc./w: the Bee Gees, solo w/band, the Rattlesnakes, Johnny Hayes and the Blue Cats, One World Project; musician, singer-songwriter, record producer. Real name: Barry Alan Crompton Gibb. Religious beliefs: uncertain. Barry may have believed in a higher power, and after the death of his brother Robin, he was comforted and supported by Christian Ricky Skaggs and welcomed to the Grand Ole Opry. He believed but not sure he ever received Jesus as Savior, although on some sites he is listed as a Christian.


bobquack said...

I believe Barry was searching for meaning in his life, more so than his brothers Robin and Maurice. A good example of this is his song with Michael Jackson called "All In Your Name." Listen to this song on YouTube or online. If anyone is a candidate for salvation in Jesus it is Barry Gibb. We should pray all we can and hope God will send him another Christian friend who will stay with him until he receives Jesus.

bobquack said...