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NOTE: We do not share any personal requests that are not made public. All prayer requests for celebs are public and there are no privacy concerns.

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193. EMILY ROSE (living). Bands assoc./w: actress. Real name: Emily Rose Maier. Religious beliefs: unknown.


192. KALEY CUOCO (living). Bands assoc./w: actress, tv presenter. Real name: Kaley Christine Cuoco. Religious beliefs: unknown.


191. MATT DAMON (living). Bands assoc./w: actor, screenwriter, producer and philanthropist. Real name: Matthew Paige Damon. Religious beliefs: unknown. He has not stated any religious beliefs, although he is thought to likely be agnostic or atheist.


190. JULIA STILES (living). Bands assoc./w: actress, screenwriter, film director. Real name: Julia O'Hara Stiles. Religious beliefs: uncertain. Some websites list her as Christian.


189. FRANKA POTENTE (living). Bands assoc./w: actress, singer. Real name: same. Religious beliefs: she is not religious, but she says she is very down-to-earth. She believes she is sensitive to energy around us, is open to exploring things but hasn't had time to.


188. FAMKE JANSSEN (living). Bands assoc./w: actress, screenwriter, director, model. Real name: Famke Beumer Janssen. Religious beliefs: none known.


187. SHARON OSBOURNE (living). Bands assoc./w: media personality, talk show host, business manager, businesswoman, author. Real name: [birth/legal] Sharon Rachel Levy [professional name:] Sharon Rachel Arden Osbourne. Religious beliefs: father born Jewish, mother Irish Catholic; it is believed she is not religious nor makes any claims of faith.


186. KELLY OSBOURNE (living). Bands assoc./w: singer-songwriter, singer, tv presenter, actress, fashion designer. Real name: Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne. Religious beliefs: none known.


185. JACK OSBOURNE (living). Bands assoc./w: tv personality, director, reporter. Real name: Jack Joseph Osbourne. Religious beliefs: none known.


184. KAREN ELSON (living). Bands assoc./w: the Citizens Band, solo w/band; singer-songwriter, musician, model. Real name: same. Religious beliefs: unknown.


183. MEG WHITE (living). Bands assoc./w: the White Stripes, Jack White. Real name: Megan Martha White. Religious beliefs:  unknown.


182. JACK WHITE (living). Bands assoc./w: the White Stripes, Meg White, solo w/band, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, the Upholsterers, The Go, Wanda Jackson, Alicia Keys, Danger Mouse, Pokie LaFarge and the South City Three, , the Last Shadow Puppets, Beck, Black Milk, Holly Golightly, Norah Jones, Bob Dylan, Loretta Lynn, Soledad Brothers, the Black Belles, Lanie Lane, Daniele Luppi, Karen Elson, the Rolling Stones; musician, singer-songwriter, record producer, actor.  Real name: John Anthony Gillis. aka: Jack White III. Religious beliefs: raised Catholic, unknown.


181. BARRY GIBB (living). Bands assoc./w: the Bee Gees, solo w/band, the Rattlesnakes, Johnny Hayes and the Blue Cats, One World Project; musician, singer-songwriter, record producer. Real name: Barry Alan Crompton Gibb. Religious beliefs: uncertain. Barry may have believed in a higher power, and after the death of his brother Robin, he was comforted and supported by Christian Ricky Skaggs and welcomed to the Grand Ole Opry. He believed but not sure he ever received Jesus as Savior, although on some sites he is listed as a Christian.


180. GINGER BAKER (deceased). Bands assoc./w: Cream, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker's Air Force, Ginger Baker and Friends, Blues Incorporated, Baker Gurvitz Army, Ginger Baker Trio, Ginger Baker's Energy, Ginger Baker Jazz Confusion, BBM (Baker-Bruce-Moore), Masters of Reality, Atomic Rooster, Hawkwind, Public Image Ltd., Fela Kuti; musician, drummer. Real name: Peter Edward Baker. Religious beliefs: he believes in God, but likely has no religion.


179. BILL WARD (living). Bands assoc./w: Black Sabbath, Earth, Mythology, Ward One, Ronnie James Dio, Max Havoc; musician, drummer and vocalist. Real name: William Thomas Ward. Religious beliefs: unknown.


178. GEEZER BUTLER (living). Bands assoc./w: Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, GZR (aka G/Z/R, Geezer), the Geezer Butler Band, Earth, Mythology, Rare Breed, Polka Turk (aka the Polka Turk Blues Band); musician, songwriter. Real name: Terence Michael Joseph Butler. Religious beliefs: raised Catholic; now agnostic (although he has had an interest in the occult and the novels of Dennis Wheatley, he is not a Satanist as some have said).