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bflist#63. KATY PERRY (living). Bands assoc./w: singer/songwriter, solo w/band, the Matrix. Real name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. AKA: Katy Hudson. Religious beliefs: raised in Christian family by pastors; she has stated she is open to different religions and was briefly married to Hindu Russell Brand.


SweetIncense said...

Someone told me she is into Wicca or Witchcraft. Do you know if she is?

bobquack said...

She has not stated anything about Wicca, but has denied being Christian, mostly as rebellion against her strict Pentecostal upbringing. He father has denounced her as a "child of the devil" and preaches against what she is doing in her career. She has stated she is open to all religions, and that she has "sold her sold the devil" for fame and success. As far as wiccans go, read what they said by googling katy perry wicca. They are saying on their websites they were wondering the same thing as you. They were also offended by images showing the burning of witches at the end of her Grammy performance. You may also read that one of her videos was offensive to Muslims and the offending image was then edited out. I believe she is trying to be shocking just as Madonna was in her ascent to the top. As a preacher's kid, she is likely to make her own search, and we can pray she will return as a prodigal son after she has tasted of fame and fortune. So we continue to pray for her. Thanks for your concerned question.