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168. COURTNEY TAYLOR-TAYLOR (living). Bands assoc./w: The Dandy Warhols, Beauty Stab, Nero's Rome. Real name: Courtney Alan Taylor. Religious beliefs: no religious beliefs known.

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bobquack said...

Regarding Courtney's views on religion, this quote from an interview:
Courtney: Well, I think everybody is pretty hung up on meaning, y'know, and we can't get over. We're born into this world without any. Then we take guesses, we guess about it, and then if other people guess differently, we generally apparently like to kill them for it, or convert them to our "guess." That's called religion. I'm not hung up on religion so much as [the idea of] how absurd it is. As intellectual as I want to think I am, I still haven't got it figured out much more than anybody. So, I guess it's going to come into the lyrics sooner or later: the Why, the big Why thing and the big "I don't know" thing, which ultimately results in the "Fine, that's OK, I don't know" thing.