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102. PETER CETERA (living). Bands assoc./w: Chicago Transit Authority; the Big Thing; The Exceptions; solo w/band. Real name: Peter Paul Cetera. Religious beliefs: raised Catholic. Recorded with Amy Grant and Michael Omartian.


My Name's Not George said...

I found something notable from Pete's early (EARLY) days. I had always heard that Chicago (then CTA) lured Pete away from a local Chicago band called The Exceptions. I recently listened to "The Exceptions Collection" on Spotify and a good third of those songs are covers of hymns and liturgical pieces.

My Name's Not George said...

[update to earlier entry]
Chicago's name at the time they asked Pete to join was NOT CTA as I stated, but "The Big Thing." The name "Chicago Transit Authority" came later, then "Chicago."

Kara said...

Thanks for that info, MNNGeorge. I will add to that in saying that his family was catholic, he was raised Catholic and went to seminary briefly to become a priest, before leaving to sing--much to his mother's disapointment. Later quotes from him (1986)showed his chagrin when it was first mentioned to him that he might do a duet with Amy Grant (religious...ugh). He had to be persuaded to do so because yes, she was religious, but.... He later states (after recording their duet) that he liked "what she stands for". When asked his secret of self-preservation he replies, "I'm into health and exercising and bicycling and mountain climbing and flying and all the things that I should have been doing for years...and along with that comes kind of a renewed faith in yourself, and faith in mankind, and you just start feeling better, and you look better...and I took something called A Course In Miracles, that's about opening up yourself and opening up your heart, and that's helped a lot. I've got a good woman to stand beside me, and I've got a lovely daughter...and geez, I'm just one hell of a guy all of a sudden."