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076. PAUL McCARTNEY (living). Bands assoc./w: Beatles; Wings; the Quarrymen; the Fireman; solo w/band. Real name: James Paul McCartney. Religious beliefs: he has gone from atheist to agnostic; searching; he is also an open supporter of Israel and has played there, despite death threats; has reportedly attended a Bible study. Also "ordained minister by the Universal Life Church."


Gordon said...

I will be in Prayer for Sir Paul McCartney. He has always been a favourite (secular) musician/artist of mine. If nothing else, I admire his family life (he had with Linda and the kids. Even now, with his new wife), and how industrious he's truly been with his musical talents. And, even then, for not being "Christian", how relatively "family-friendly" his music appears to have been thoughout most of his career. I definitely love his Classical compositions, too. He would be great that he could come to know the ONE and true GOD, and HIS Son "YAHUSHUA ("JESUS CHRIST") as his own Saviour and Lord. And, know the ONE Who created musical talents such as he has. He has also learned to love animals and nature (as with Linda) and he sure would love Heaven. There are animals and horses a-plenty up There! May McCartney's soul-Salvation be in the hearts and Prayers of those Saints here on Earth who have enjoyed his music at one time or another! Blessings for this Blog-site, too!

Yahweh's daughter said...

I use my middle name rather than my first name because of Paul. From the first time I heard the lyrics "Michelle, my belle" I've loved Paul. May Ruach HaKodesh convict him and may he turn to Yeshua for salvation.