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097. JUICE NEWTON (living). Bands assoc./w: solo w/band; Silver Spur. Real name: Judy Kay Newton. Religious beliefs: unknown.


Robert said...

Hi, this is Juice Newton's management company and we'd like to correct your blog. Juice's last name was never Cohen. This rumor has persisted dating back to a time when her road manager checked Juice into a hotel under a false name, which many celebrities do when touring. The name came from the movie, Life of Brian, which the band was watching on the tour bus. Her false name came from the character of Loretta Cohen. Juice is not Jewish, practicing or otherwise.
Her birth name was Judy Kay Newton, but has been called Juice from a young age. I hope this clears it up. We keep correcting it on Wikipedia since someone always make this same claim and we wish it would stop. Thanks for mentioning Juice who has a new Christmas CD, the Gift of Christmas, on Enjoy! Please check out Juice's website for more info:

bobquack said...

Thanks for correcting that info, which was from Wikipedia.