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035. ANDREW GOLD (deceased). Bands assoc./w: Linda Ronstadt band; Karla Bonoff band; Wax; Bryndle; Art Garfunkel; James Taylor; solo w/band. Real name: same. Religious beliefs: interested in Buddhism and Eastern beliefs. Didn't believe in Satan; believed God had a good/evil side; wasn't involved in any religion.

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Mitten Plexiglas G Guitars said...

I emailed Andrew two months before he died and mentioned about the Lord and us mending differences as we were both the same age and could go any time. I was unaware of his cancer. I first contacted Gold in 1975, when I let him use my [prototype] {GOOGLE> Mitten Plexiglas G Guitars}. I lost touch with him so some 25 years and started emailing him in 2000, and I did witness to him about how Jesus Christ saved me from my sins and made me a new person. Strange, I never met him [although I was backstage at a Linda Ronstadt concert]. I did call, as he wanted someone's cell number, but when he picked up the phone, I said it was me, and he said he couldn't talk right now as he was babysitting! I do hope that either my emails about Jesus, now and then, or perhaps, in his illness that he might have asked for the Lord's forgiveness and salvation. I wouldn't know. I do know my Dad asked for Christ a few months before he died of cancer, and the Lord was -- as always -- so good, in forgiving and saving him, and I will see him again up ahead. JOHN MITTEN, 60, Retired, NH